Unleash the sense of adventure in you

Team Mowbray’s adventure sailing expeditions specialise in taking individuals & groups of all ages who seek positive, different and rewarding experiences in life on an adventure.

We live the moment!

Our highly specialised 60ft charter yacht “COMMITMENT” is built and equipped for durability, robustness and strength, and is crewed by experienced professionals.

A good positive attitude will serve you well. Participation is the key to an enjoyable experience.

We attract and encourage people who are outgoing, adventurous and seeking different, fulfilling experiences in life.

Sailing experience is NOT necessary.
Age not important.

The last great frontier for tourism & personal adventure. Experience the wondrous beauty of the labyrinth of incomparable Chilean Fjords that carve their way into the Darwin Mountain Range. A landscape virtually untouched since the dawn of time.

Sail these relatively calm waters with nightly anchorages getting up close and personal with the snow & ice capped Andes. Be totally mesmerised by the breathtaking scenery and unique wildlife including penguins, whales, dolphins, fur seals, Andean condors & foxes.

Be captivated by cascading waterfalls at almost every turn…jump in the dinghy and get up close and personal with a million year old grandfather glacier that will leave you feeling like you have taken an enormous gulp of fresh air. Be re-energized !!!! A photographer’s nirvana! Catch a King Crab! Kayaking! A walker’s paradise! Climb a mountain! Or just relax.

If we wake to a glorious sun drenched morning in a spectacular fjord and look at each other thinking… “Why the heck go anywhere else?”…well…Let’s stay another day!

For centuries, “Rounding the Horn” has represented the ultimate in nautical adventure. Cape Horn is the mystical solitary sentinel of rock at the end of the world!

The Spanish name is “Fin del Mundo”…”The end of the World” How many people do you know who have seen Cape Horn? Or rounded the Horn? Many have dreamt of …thought of or talked about Cape Horn for years. Read books, watched documentaries, talked to those fortunate enough to have been there! Thinking….”I wonder what it is really like?” You may have thought…….perhaps one day?

That day has arrived! If not today …then when?