TV/Film Production and Logistics

Adventure Sailing Expeditions are well versed in the needs of documentary /film makers and are able to provide support at a variety of levels whether it is logistics, finding the right locations, locating the right subject matter etc.

Commitment is a safe and stable base for filming and your enquiry is welcome.

In 2001 Adventure Sailing Expeditions produced “Solo Globe Challenge – Look it in the Eye”

In 2000/2001 Tony spent 181 days at sea continuously sailing Solo, Non Stop and unassisted around the world becoming just the 6th Australian to do so. Just 1 year & 10 months before setting off he & his seven crew came within a hairs breath of losing their lives in the fatal 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race. 6 men died in that race. This documentary is of the solo, around the world trip and includes a segment on the 1998 race.

Tony Mowbray “Solo Globe Challenge” closing segment Documentary

In 2004 Adventure Sailing Expeditions produced their second documentary,
“Antarctic Journey – A Dream to Reality”

In 2003/2004 Tony and 4 others who did not know how to sail (but they knew a whole lot of other important “stuff”) set off from Hobart in his around the world yacht, “Solo Globe Challenger”. They sailed due south for 15 days to a very remote part of Antarctica. They sailed to the windiest place on earth at sea level….”The Home of the Blizzard” …This documentary became as much about their collective journey as well as the personal journey of each of them.

This film documents the 7 week expedition to “The Home of the Blizzard” at Cape Dennison, Antarctica where Sir Douglas Mawson and his men survived in a tiny little Baltic Pine timber hut in 1912/13.

Tony Mowbray “Antarctic Journey – A Dream to Reality” Doco Closing Segment