Family oriented, down to earth

Previous sailing experience is NOT necessary. Age and gender is not important.

On board Commitment participation is the key to an enjoyable experience. We like guests to have a team approach coupled with a vibrant outlook on life.
A good positive attitude will serve you well on board Commitment. We attract and encourage people who are outgoing and adventurous and are seeking different and fulfilling experiences in life. We do not provide 5 star accommodation, hot showers every day and a change of nice crisp white linen on your queen size bed every night with a chocolate on your pillow each evening.

We do provide an expedition yacht suitably equipped and crewed by professional adventure sailors who will guide you and engender you with a real sense of belonging to a team…….a team making its way toward a common goal of safely exploring some of the most remote places on this planet.

You don’t have to do anything you don’t wish to do BUT everyone wants to get involved!!! One minute you might be steering the boat through a snowstorm and the next making a cup of tea for a crew mate. On Commitment we encourage guests to gravitate to the things they like to do….you may like to cook…then go for it!! You may have an avid interest in photography…then go for it….Do you want to hone your navigation skills? We’ll help you. Do you want to improve your sail handling ability or your steering technique? We’ll teach you…

Commitment has 5 double cabins with the ability to sleep 10 people at anchor in total however numbers are usually restricted to 8 in total depending on the nature of the adventure. Below decks are warm and dry with proper solid berths, two toilet compartments and a comfortable main saloon. Commitment is NOT a “super yacht” equipped with all the comforts of a high tech home…she is a robust, “go anywhere” expedition yacht built and equipped for durability and strength and for sailing in high latitudes.


No one goes hungry on board…..we provide large amounts of good wholesome filling home cooked style meals. Fruit juice, soft drinks tea coffees and all snacks are endless.
We try very hard to cater for individual dietary requirements


Beer & wine is included in the trip price….spirits are specifically excluded but guests are welcome to being their own aboard.


Commitment is a “dry boat” when sailing and also at times when anchored, when a possible change in weather or conditions may require relocation at short notice to another anchorage. We encourage social consumption of alcohol but binge or excessive drinking or drinking that places people at risk or where other guest’s enjoyment of the trip is affected will not be tolerated.

This is solely at the Skippers discretion.


We have a wide range of reading material on board plus you are encouraged to bring your own books. Commitment is equipped with a DVD player and a DVD library and you are welcome to bring along your selection. Music is provided via a CD/MP3 player so bring along your favourites.


Commitment is equipped with a fast and efficient satellite email system for weather forecasting and other necessary vessel communication needs. There is no email facility on board for guests except in the event of emergency

Voice Communications

Normal cellular/mobile telephones will generally have no reception except possibly when in port of departure/arrival. “Commitment” is equipped with an Iridium Satellite phone which is for the sole use of the skipper but is available for emergency calls by guests. If a guest wishes, they may bring along their own satellite phone however when considering that, it is worthy of note that isolation from the outside world is quite often what attracts people to our style of sailing trip.

Photography & Video

When sailing on Commitment we offer “photo and video opportunities” at almost every turn. You should bring along plenty of memory sticks/ film/ batteries etc. On board we have the ability to charge re-chargeable batteries providing your equipment is compatible with ours. (240 volts AC & 12 volts DC)

The crew of Commitment and staff of Adventure Sailing Expeditions are professionals and get the “job done”, however it needs to be understood that there is a need for flexibility, understanding and acceptance. Otherwise it would not be an adventure!

We provide no guarantee that an individual or group or any advertised sailing trip will fully realise its goals. We work extremely hard to parallel and achieve the schedule as set out at the outset of a trip however the need for flexibility, understanding and acceptance is ever present. Modification to the itinerary because of adverse weather, limitations of a sailing yacht and various other factors will occur from time to time.

The skipper’s decision is final. Uncertainty is one of the factors that go in to the equation to provide you with a trip of a lifetime and after dinner conversation for years to come!

We look forward to you joining us on Commitment.