Adventure Sailing Expeditions provide a consultancy to owners and skippers to allow them to safely plan their voyage with a collaborative approach in a variety of ways ranging from simple preliminary advice through to piloting/guiding you on the complete voyage

Jordan and Tony will help you to determine your desired outcomes, and then work with you as a team to realise your goals. Would you like to experience the wonder of The Patagonian fiords and glaciers from the deck of your own boat?

Voyage to and explore The Antarctic Peninsula or round Cape Horn with you at the wheel of your own vessel?

Jordan & Tony Mowbray have a vast and detailed knowledge of the waterways of Chile from Puerto Montt south down through the labyrinth and myriad of channels that extend for approx. 1,300 nautical miles finishing in Tierra del Fuego at Ushuaia & Puerto Williams.

Their intimate hands on Glaciers & Fjords knowledge, Cape Horn experience, Drake Passage crossings and previous Antarctic Peninsula expeditions can perhaps assist you to convert your dreams into reality?

Feel free to contact them for a chat.

piloting and guiding