The intensity of the experience is so hard to put into words. It is sensory overload! It’s hypnotic. If I knew how this trip was going to affect me I would have paid double the price!!!

John A. Muller
Los Angeles, California

It is not only great, it is absolutely exquisite! Two huge magnificent waterfalls have developed and are thundering down the mountainside just near us….breathtaking stuff.

Graham Murphy

We’ve come to this incredible place. Literally at the end of the world. Thank you….Thank you…. thank you!

Elizabeth Somerville
New York City, USA

Jordan and the Team, you are inspiring all of us to bigger and better things within our lives! We can do this! We actually did do this! I can’t imagine if you were not out there living the dream and sharing it with others.

Tami Roark

Jordan’s proficiency in Spanish was a real benefit for us. I thought what a great partnership this was – father an experienced world sailor and his son an expert in handling ships and proficient in languages.

Chris Ayres
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Dear Jordan, my Antarctic experience has left me full of deep gratitude for the adventure you allowed us to participate in. Words almost fail me…..what now? I think we have to go back with you again. Please, may we?

Wendy & Michael

I am so fortunate to have been able to have you share this adventure with me & show me how to live in the moment! It doesn’t get much better than this! This is VERY special! My life has been changed forever.

Isaac Roberts

How the heck do you put this in a brochure so that people want to come here?

Stewart Richardson

When we look back on the 14 days we had on board Commitment we just shake our heads as we cannot believe what we did and saw and will always remember the fun we had on our scenic tour. We are now settling back to so called “normal”, if that’s possible. Here are a few photos to remind you of our memorable trip. Oh the memories.
All our love.

David and Sarah
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